Luxury Self Contained Holiday Apartments Ettalong

Luxury Self Contained Holiday Apartments Ettalong

Holidaying in Self contained holiday apartments Ettalong are perfect for those who enjoy their privacy, space and freedom when they are on holidays.

Our self contained apartments are either studio, 1 or 2 bedroom or our luxury penthouse apartments, all with stunning oceans views. The apartments are more budget-friendly than staying in hotel-style accommodation and can be a better option for bigger families and couples.

Ettalong Beach Ocean View apartments offers luxury self-contained apartment-style accommodation which gives you all the comfort and lavishness you want on a holiday but with the added independence. Our apartments have excellent facilities that cater to everyone and even has enough space that you can relax without the kids for a while.

Our resort facilities include Wi-Fi, outdoor pool and heated spa, day spa, Ettalong Diggers dining facilities and Express check In/ Out.

Ettalong Beach Holiday Location

Self contained holiday apartments Ettalong Beach

Ettalong is a quiet seaside town on the New South Wales Central Coast. Just an hour north of Sydney, and an hour South of Newcastle, it makes for the perfect beachside escape. Well out of the city but close enough for weekend travellers, many people from Sydney as well as Australia wide now head to Ettalong for a quiet retreat.

There are many things to do in Ettalong Beach and the surrounding areas, including top quality cafes and restaurants, beautiful beaches, and water sports such as beach fishing, surfing and paddle boarding as well as stunning national parks. There is a local market that is open every weekend, as well as Cinema Paridiso  and a range of excellent restaurants in that complex. Ettalong is like a sleepy little holiday down, bursting at the seams with activities to keep the entire family occupied.

The Beautiful Beaches of the Peninsula, Central Coast

The Central Coast beaches are absolutely stunning all year round and the beaches on the peninsula are no exception. There are many kms of beautiful beaches curving along the coastline. The 3 main beaches on the peninsula include Ettalong Beach, Umina Beach & Ocean Beach.

Ettalong Beach

Ettalong Beach is known for flat ocean and many sand banks. The Ettalong wharf has been a favourite of locals and holiday makers for many years. Kids for generations have used this wharf to jump into the beautiful ocean, and it is a favourite for the local fishermen.

Ettalong Beach has excellent boating facilities; hire a small boat or kayak and cast a fishing line in on the tranquil waterways.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach lies between Ettalong Beach and Umina Beach. It has always been a favourite for local nippers and surf competitions. The gentle swell is ideal for younger kids learning to surf, or even the adults. There are many surf schools help here in holiday times by Central Coast Surf School.

Umina Beach

Umina Beach has choppy conditions and is excellent for the more experienced surfer or beach goer. The beach is patrolled in holiday season and every weekend.

Benefits of Staying in Self Contained Holiday Apartments Ettalong

Self contained apartment-style holiday accommodation has become very trendy in the holiday market, with many people preferring the ‘Airbnb’ and ‘homestays’ options over traditional hotels. This is because of the many benefits afforded by these self contained apartments.

Our apartments have stunning ocean views and emulates a very calming and relaxed atmosphere.

Why would you choose our self-contained holiday apartments over a serviced hotel room? Because there is no better way to shape your holiday the way you want than to take care of yourself and your family.

More and more business travellers and families are opting for self-contained accommodation because it can provide comfort, generally has a better price point and provides opportunities to save on food (eating out every meal can be expensive) and dine in their own, relaxed apartment.

Here are our top benefits for staying at our self contained holiday apartments Ettalong.


Our Self contained apartments are well sized compared to the standard hotel room, with our apartments offering studio, 1 and 2 bedroom as well as penthouse apartments, we have a size to suit everyone. The penthouse apartments have 4 bedrooms and sleep 11 people. Ideal space for even the largest families.

The extra space of our self contained apartments gives you the ability to have some private time to yourself while giving the kids a place to play. The resort facilities include a large outdoor swimming pool, overlooking Ettalong Beach, a heated Spa, Gymnasium and a day spa. Apartments all have beautiful decks with stunning hinterland and ocean views, all equipped with comfortable outdoor settings.

Plenty of space for everyone.


Our Self contained apartments provide you with the ability to save money in many different ways and cater to your needs. If you are planning a fun getaway with friends or travelling to the Central Coast for an event, self contained apartments are usually more cost-effective when shared. With the ability to be able to cook for yourself and share apartments with 2 or more people, it certainly is a great way to holiday while being mindful of your budget.

Cook at home

Our Self contained apartments allow you the option to reduce costs by cooking at your home away from home. It is easy to get sick of eating out when on holidays and it can eliminate the disappointment that can come with eating out at times. With a fully equipped kitchen in your apartment, you can prepare the meals you want, when you want.


Our self contained apartments offer the privacy, space and quiet that everyone needs at times. Holidays are all about downtime, so the privacy our apartments offer will be the difference between a relaxing holiday and one that affords you no downtime.

If you are travelling with kids, privacy is a must. It is easy to drive each other crazy if you are confined to small quarters, with no privacy. This is the downside of staying in a small hotel room.


From space, to being able to cook your own meals, self contained holiday apartments offer you so much more freedom and independence than a hotel stay ever will.

Our apartments are equipped with everything you need to make our accommodation your home away from home during your holiday.

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