Resorts Vs Hotels

The difference and the Best Options for your Next Ettalong Beach Holiday

There are so many things to consider when you are planning a holiday and looking for a place to stay.

Are you going on a long-awaited family holiday? Are you going to spend most of your time outside exploring Ettalong or the Central Coast all day or are you planning to relax at the pool and do as little as possible?

An important difference between resorts and hotels is usually the amenities. Hotels are usually designed to accommodate travellers who need a place to sleep at a certain location, while resorts are usually destinations in and of themselves. Resorts are more likely to have everything their guests need in one location.

What is a Hotel?

A hotel is a facility that provides sleeping accommodations to travellers. Their offerings vary, some providing meals and other services for travellers, including access to the spa, gym, and more. Some hotels cater to a particular clientele, like business travellers. In spite of these changes, conference rooms, and rooms for special events have become more common across the board for hotels and resorts. Hotels are not as private as resorts, owing to the square footage available to guests, but this isn't always the case. A resort is a type of hotel that includes added entertainment and recreational opportunities.

When you stay at a hotel, you often must go off the property to get the things you need. However, in most cases, the hotel doesn’t have everything you'll need for a vacation in one place. Guests are thus usually left to undertake whatever tasks are necessary to get what they need. Because they are situated in the middle of things, guests at hotels such as this can get what they need with relative ease.


What is a Resort?

At its most basic level, a resort is exactly like a hotel, but with a few extras. You'll locate whatever you need for your vacation in one spot at most resorts. You can eat, drink, relax, shop, and even exercise at resorts, without having to leave the place. Resort experiences vary, and they may be specified to suit the environment or the activities. Beach resorts, such as the Mantra, are positioned directly opposite Ettalong Beach, with oceanview rooms and a short stroll to the golden sands of the beach. Unlike hotels, resorts are typically located in rural spots or outer suburbs, offering a refreshing escape from daily life.


Resorts vs Hotels – Types of Travellers

In general, hotels and resorts appeal to different kinds of customers for multiple reasons.

Hotels cater to travellers of all types. This includes business travellers and tourists. Generally, the people that stay at a hotel do not expect to spend much time at the hotel and have activities planned outside of where they are staying.

Many people book resorts for the sake of enjoying the experience supplied by that property. Some people choose a certain location for their vacation in order to be able to visit a certain resort. The resort can become the destination and holidaymakers enjoy spending their time at the resort.


Ettalong Beach Resort Apartments

Ettalong Beach is the ideal location to unwind on the Central Coast. It's a friendly seaside village atmosphere combined with ocean panorama. Our resort apartments at Ettalong have Studio, One, and Two Bedroom Suites at this beachfront resort. You can take in scenic Brisbane Water and Broken Bay views from your room, or opt for a room that opens straight onto our resort-style pool. The Ettalong Diggers' conferences facilities can accommodate up to 700 delegates, and unspoilt beaches and panoramic coastal views are just a few of the things that make Mantra Ettalong Beach a wonderful spot for relaxation.

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