The Benefits of a Beach Holiday on the Central Coast

The Benefits of a Beach Holiday on the Central Coast

The Benefits of a beach holiday – a chance to get away and unwind on the stunning Central Coast.

The Central Coast is known for its stunning beaches, national parks and hinterlands. But by far the outstanding sell of the Central Coast is the beaches. After all, a beach holiday is just what the dr ordered. A perfect opportunity to completely unwind and forget about all your stresses, even if it is just for a weekend.

Accom Apartments Ettalong offer the best in beachside luxury apartment accommodation on the Central Coast, with over 30 beautifully appointed apartments in our 5-star luxury resort. Just a stone’s throw away from one of the Central Coast’s more calm beaches, Ettalong and a short walk to the surfing beaches of Umina and Ocean Beach, what more can you ask for?

Health Benefits of a Beach Holiday on the Central Coast

Fresh Air is Great for your sleep

One of the great health benefits of the beach is that the fresh sea breeze is great for helping you sleep at night. The beach really makes you feel exhausted after a long day, but in a good way. So watch how you sleep at night, I promise you will have one of the best sleeps ever!


The salty air lifts your moods

As well as helping you to sleep, salty air is known to be great for your mental health. The most noticeable mental health benefit is that the beach can lift your spirits and help you to combat depression. According to research, the benefits of going to the beach not only affect your physical well being but your mental well being also.


The ocean sounds relax our mind and body

It is often said that a trip to the beach will fix all ailments. I have to say that it certainly does help with our mental health. there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the seagulls wanting food and the general sound of people enjoying themselves. Most importantly, how do you feel while relaxing on the beach? Studies show that going to the beach actually rejuvenates your brain waves and leaves you in a calming state, Even more, when you decide to swim in the ocean, your body is forced to send more blood to your heart as you float. This increased blood flow maximises your alertness, making the waves one of the best reasons to go to the beach.

Why is a Beach Holiday a Great Idea?

Spending your holiday at the beach is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do if you want a holiday that almost forces you to relax and unwind. All you have to do is sit back and soak up that beautiful Australian sun and enjoy one of the most stunning beaches the Central coast has to offer.

The beach is one place where you can relax, lay back, enjoy the great outdoors and not have to worry about a thing. Almost like escaping reality for a moment or two. There are also many health benefits to a beach holiday, so don’t delay. Book your luxury beachside holiday apartment today and get ready to relax on the beach.

Famous Beaches on the Central Coast

The Central Coast is home to over 40 beaches that span over 87km of coastline. It is this that makes the Central coast one of the favourite holiday destinations for many people. The only problem with having so many beaches on the coast is how do you choose what beach to go too? Each beach has pros and cons depending on your requirements. Some of the more popular surfing beaches may not be as suitable if you have small children, and some beaches are not patrolled.

Here we list some of our favourite beaches and ones that are much more accessible from our holiday apartments at Ettalong Beach.


Ettalong Beach

Ettalong Beach is the perfect beach for families. there are no breaking waves and some shallow water that is great for wading kids, however the current can be stronger at times as the water opens out into Broken Bay and Lion Island. Ettalong Beach’s appeal lies in its beaches, lagoons, waterways and safe swimming for children.


Umina Beach

Umina Beach is a short walk from Ettalong Beach and and a popular holiday destination. Umina has two patrolled beaches, Umina Beach and Ocean Beach, which occupy a 2.8km stretch of golden sand in Broken Bay.

Both beaches are quite calm for swimming and have some decent small waves for kids to splash around in and are the perfect size for kids and novices to learn to surf and body board.


Terrigal Beach

Terrigal is one of the more famous beaches on the Central Coast. The beach itself is patrolled year round and offers good size waves for novice surfers. The Norfolk Palm lined main street is a big attraction and the ocean rock pool tucked into the cliff at the Southern End. Terrigal Haven is a protected boat Harbour with boat ramp, fishing charters, scuba diving and snorkelling, picnic and BBQ facilities.


Soldiers Beach

Soldiers Beach is just south of the Historic Norah Head Lighthouse, Soldiers Beach is increasingly popular for its pristine white sand, clear water and reliable waves. This is very popular for board riders year-round.


Avoca Beach

Avoca Beach is another of the most famous beaches on the Central Coast. Home to many local surfing legends. It is definitely one of the most popular surfing beaches with the locals. There is 2km of beautiful golden sand and a shallow rock pool and lagoon for kids to play in. There are also some great cafes and restaurants close to the beach including the surf house and Point Café.

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