Central Coast Beachside Apartments

Are you looking for Beachside Apartments Central Coast? Ettalong Beach Luxury Beachside Apartments have a fantastic range of accommodation for your next holiday. The Central Coast is a beautiful coastal town located just over an hour from Sydney and Newcastle, making it a very convenient place to visit for a holiday. The Central Coast has a lot to offer, with gorgeous beaches, fantastic restaurants and fun activities.

Our Beachside Apartments Central Coast are located centrally in the beautiful suburb of Ettalong Beach, and our friendly and experienced team are happy to help you with all your needs. Our Holiday Beachside Apartments Central Coast are suitable for everyone and are a big hit with families and couples. Check out our accommodation here.

Why Stay Beachside on the Central Coast?

There are many reasons you consider staying at a beachside apartment for your next holiday, and we don’t think you will need much convincing! However, if you do, here are some great reasons to consider staying at Ettalong Beach:


The beautiful sound of crashing waves will lull you into a peaceful sleep! Staying beachside will guarantee you have a relaxing stay, as its untamable nature will keep you chill and feeling zen. Go for a walk along the beach, or sit on the balcony and read a book while you listen to the waves! You can’t go wrong.

Soak Up The Vitamin D

In small doses, Vitamin D is very good for you. The beach will provide endless sunshine to keep up your Vitamin D levels. Keep up your bone health and immune system while enjoying yourself at the beach.

Perfect For Everyone

The beach is an activity that everyone, no matter what age can enjoy. Watch the kids splash about, build sandcastles and ride waves! Catch some fantastic waves yourself and cool down on hot days. You can even work on your tan! Friends who are active may want to play a wide array of beach games, or you can even take your partner for a romantic beach picnic. The options are endless. Staying in beachside apartments provides easy access for you to enjoy the beach to its full potential.


Where there are beaches, there are gorgeous cafe’s to kick back and enjoy a coffee. Ettalong Beach has several lovely cafes and restaurants you can enjoy, and if those aren’t enough, Terrigal and Avoca Beach have some fantastic ones to try as well. The beach attracts shops that offer fantastic coffee and great cocktails – so you know you are getting the best of the best.

Central Coast Beachside Apartment Facilities

Ettalong Beachside Apartments feature high-class resort facilities that are designed to make your holiday as relaxing and easy as possible. Some of our facilities vary based on the room style, but we offer:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Stunning Beachfront Views
  • Heated Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Day Spa
  • Ettalong Diggers Dining
  • Express Check-in/out
  • Kitchenette
  • Free Wifi
  • Air conditioning

The Ettalong Diggers club is located in the resort, and offers the best chicken parma around. With great facilities, luxury style, amazing view, and great location, your holiday will be unforgettable.

Whatever tickles your fancy, our facilities will keep you happy and comfortable after a long day at the beach.

Create Memories at our Beachside Apartments Central Coast

Memories are important, and we understand you may want quality time with your family on your holiday. Our beachside holiday apartments are a great place to stay as they are centrally located and only a short drive from major attractions. Ettalong Beach has a laid back vibe, and you will benefit from long days spent relaxing on the sandy shoreline and splashing in the blue waters. The facilities are luxurious and offer beautiful views of the beachfront.

Holiday in style at our beachside apartments Central Coast, NSW.

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